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Have you looked at the sky and dreamed of flying? Does the time and money required to become a pilot put your dream out of reach? Then paramotoring may be just what you are looking for.  Carolina PPG has partnered with Brook Sheffield to offer professional instruction by USPPA Certified instructors.

We offer foot launch and trike launch powered paragliding training. We work hard to ensure that students are safe and confident in their PPG skills so they can launch, maneuver and land their paramotors skillfully.  Emphasis is placed on safety from the beginning, along with understanding the rules, regulations & complexities of the sport. 


Our training is tailored to each individual.  Classes are small and safety focused.


Below are some of the areas we will cover in your training:

  • Aviation Rules & Aviation WX (weather)

  • Appropriate launch - landing areas and what to look for

  • Paraglider, frame, and engine components

  • Developing a pre & post flight inspection and maintenance schedule

  • Glider preparation and inspection

  • Ling tangles: How to avoid and clear them

  • Hooking in (Forward and Reverse)

  • Forward Launch

  • Reverse Launch

  • Power walking and Power taxiing 

  • Using throttle

  • Wing folding, stuffing and storage

  • Dangers, risks, and how to avoid them


Instruction fee is $ 2,500 following the USPPA PPG 1, 2 and 3 Syllabus. 7 days guaranteed!

Contact us to learn more and to schedule your first flying lesson!




I'm an 11 year Air Force Veteran. I served as a C-130 loadmaster Instructor during that time. My career ended in  2016 due to Ptsd, depression and severe anxiety. I left with a 100% disability rating from the VA. Once my military career was over I was left with a sense of no purpose and hopelessness. That was until I found paramotors. I saw Tucker Gott flying on Youtube and was hooked from the first video. I felt excited for the first time in a long time! Unfortunately at this point in my life I didnt have the money to spend on training or equipment. I ended up contacting a school and explained my financial situation. They re-directed me to Resurgence PPG a non profit organiztation thats gets disabled veterans ppg training. I was able to submit my package to Todd Scandrett.  He is the founder and president of Resurgence Ppg. Resurgence sponsored my PPG training and I havent looked back. Paramotor flying has brought back the meaning and excitement in my life. Not to mention the people I have met. It's amazing what flying can do!


SCOTT SHAMKA aka ParaTrucker

At the start of 2021 Scott went on a week long trip to Florida to take the SIV at SkyLab and it was during this trip he realized that he needed to leave trucking and pursue PPG further.

Scott quit his job and became a USPPA instructor. He told his old instructor Ron Toran during his first flight in training that he wanted to be more deeply involved in the sport and that is where Scott has found his joy. Helping introduce others to flight is where he finds the most excitement, especially when it comes to first flights!


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